“Burned houses and bombed-out cities, unhappy families and orphans – the August war was a tragedy that left a deep mark on the modern history of our country,” ex-President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili writes about the August 2008 war.

Saakashvili says that at that time, as commander in chief, it was doubly painful to watch the Russian army attack civilians, how modern Georgia is being destroyed, but at the same time notes that, like all Georgians, he is still inspired by selflessness and the attitude of those heroic boys who shed their blood. They fought to the last drop, against an enemy that was many times stronger.

"To perpetuate their names, we introduced a tradition - the poppy of memory. Symbolically, a beautiful country, stained with the blood of heroes, which we saved from destruction," Saakashvili says.